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Our Story

Founders of Chase UR Dream, Chad and Chisa Merriweather, have always been passionate about instilling values such as respect, self-reliance, determination and most of all tolerance within their children. 

In October 2013, their son, Chase, was stricken with a near deadly strand of the flu which led to sepsis, brain surgery, and amputations of both legs (below the knee) and hands (below the elbow). Chad and Chisa were determined to never let Chase lose his drive to succeed, and that limits are never imposed on his true potential. With these ideas in mind, Chase Ur Dream was created.

The ordeal Chad and Chisa endured was an absolute nightmare and stepping into the world of prosthetic legs and arms was foreign to them. Therefore, in addition to helping build confidence in children who've experienced limb loss, they aim to support the families with the information and tools they’ll need to help encourage their child to continue to dream big!


Chase UR Dream

In an effort to tell Chase's story and teach children the importance of tolerance and unlimited potential regardless of someone’s physical condition, they have also started the Chase-Man adventure books. The books are now available on Amazon.

Our mission can now be shared with the world through our inspirational clothing and accessories. Showing your support of Chase UR Dream will help our Dream Chasers attend camps which specialize in limb loss, provide rehabilitation tools, & financial assistance that maybe needed for new prosthetics. Be sure to show us how you Chase UR Dream by using #CHASEURDREAM


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