The Road To Victory: Chase Merriweather

07 November 2016
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The Road To Victory: Chase Merriweather

We are very excited to share Chase's inspirational story with the world and are honored and so very thankful to have had the help of the Philadelphia Eagles to do so. 

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19 May 2018 at 05:37 PM
Deborah Nichols

Chase is an amazing boy. I love the article in American Profile. I recently had a kidney removed because of cancer and my bowel was perforated and has leaked into my abdomen and out my incision. I am very scared about the ecoli….doctors say it’s too risky to operate at this time so I’m playing the waiting game…drains for 2 months so far. I’m 60 and reading Chase story and how strong he is and you parents are very inspirational to me. I, too leave in PA, Sayre. I will be following your future Olympic young man for sure. He is already a winner. God Bless you all.😊❤️

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